Manual Therapy

What Is Sports Rehab?

Manual Therapy, specifically trigger point therapy, is the practice of muscle manipulation in response to pain and symptoms of musculoskeletal disorders.

Here at Zone6 Concept, we start each individual off with a thorough assessment. This process involves us taking a close look at your medical history, training experience, sport of choice and then we discuss your current injury.

What Others Said.

“Every time I have ever come to you and asked for help you’re more than happy and professional. 3 times I have approached you with a different issue and every time you have come at me with not only a quick fix, but a long term solution. The results? The most pain free training I’ve had in 2 years. In 3 quick and painful sessions I have been put to right. However no matter how painful you always make jokes and keep the mood light and I always come out feeling fantastic! Thanks Trevor!”

Ryan Jones

Zone 6 Concept Manual Therapy

How Do We Use It?

Using the information gathered during the assessment, we design a training programme to meet your needs. The attention to detail featured in each and every programme requires that we take our time to do it right. Consequently, your individualised training materials are provided on your second visit. You will be closely supervised through the entire programme by our team of vastly experienced coaches.

The cumulative physical stress placed on our bodies through the rigours of training and sport often result in, repetitive injuries, pain syndromes and sub optimal performance, if methodologies are not taught correctly from the outset. We combine progressive manual therapy techniques and modalities with individualised, diagnosis-driven, corrective exercise to accelerate athlete’s natural healing response.

Our unique programme aims to speed up recovery, restore homoeostasis in the movement system, reduce injury recurrence and optimise performance. We blend the very best in evidenced based protocols and Western structural medicine (bio-tensegrity) while integrating sound physiological healing principles through techniques such as; trigger point therapy, fascial stretch therapy and soft tissue mobilisation. This combined with educating our athletes in independent techniques for self care, warm-up and cool down regimens put our clients ahead of the game, right from the start.

When and Where?

Operating out of  Alexandra Sports (Portsmouth), as follows:

Mondays 0900-1600, Tuesdays, Wednesdays & Fridays 0900-1700 and Thursdays 0900-1800


£60.00 Initial Consultation & Treatment
£35.00 Half Hour
£45.00 Full Hour

Manual Therapy - Zone 6 Concept

Your Sports Rehab Plan

Taking Care of Yourself

And Staying Injury Free

No matter how old you are or activity level, having access to regular Manual Therapy can make all the difference when it comes to staying injury free and allowing you to maintain or improve your lifestyle.

1in 3 doctors appointments are for musculoskeletal disorders (MSDs)

By signing up to YourManualTherapyPlan, you can get regular advice and treatment from just £15.00 per month. Plus,you get 10% off any further services of Zone6 Concept and unlimited email support.

YourManualTherapyPlan is an investment in your body and it really works!

For more information on the right pricing structure, for you, please contact

The Essentials Plan: £15 per month

Aid fast recovery from an acute injury or flare up

Up to 6 sessions included throughout the 12 month Plan; You choose when or how you use your inclusive allowance.

The All Inclusive Plan: £50.00 per month

An Inclusive level Health & Well-being Plan, giving you increased

benefit month after month.

2 sessions included per calendar month. This can be any of

Manual Therapy, Nutritional Consultation or strength and conditioning.

Immediate family members are also included in accessing the same benefits as you with this package!

* The Essentials Plan ONLY Covers

  • Manual Therapy

* The All Inclusive Plan Covers

  • Manual Therapy
  • Strength & Conditioning
  • Movement Analysis
  • Nutritional Consultations
  • Unlimited email/phone support

* The above DO NOT include any triathlon coaching services offered by Zone6 Concept.

Zone 6 Concept Manual Therapy

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