Zone 6 Concept

Tier 1

Tier 1 coaching is great value for the budget minded athlete that knows power based training and coaching are important but don’t need a bespoke plan and have general rather than specific goals.

  • Weekly Group Run Sessions
  • 40+ Training Plans
  • Annual Biomechanical Screening
  • Half-Yearly Cycling Power Review

£98.00 Per Month

Zone 6 Concept

Tier 2

Zone6’s Gold standard, working with athletes, one on one, to adjust and refine training plans. This online programme encompasses all of Tier one in addition to workout needs, nutritional advice and:

  • Half-Annual Biomechanical Screening
  • Quarterly Cycling Power Data Review
  • Yearly Functional Threshold Performance Testing
  • Email Assistance Monday – Friday

£150.00 Per Month

Zone 6 Concept

Tier 3

The VIP Lounge of Zone 6 Concept where the results driven pros live. Athletes get personal assistance whenever required with up to 3 hours one to one time per week, all the benefits from Tier 1 & 2 and:

  • Quarterly Biomechanical Screenings
  • Quarterly Swim and Run Video Analysis
  • Quarterly Functional Threshold Performance Testing
  • Weekly Phone Calls for Real Time Plan Adaptation

£190.00 Per Month

“Without adequate mobility to perform essential movements, the quick result will be injury.”

– Andrew Reed, RKC Team Leader –

What Others Are Saying.

“Trevor is a truly dedicated coach, whose knowledge, skills and versatility have been essential to me in preparing for some extremely physical challenges and expeditions. His ability to make training fun and interesting whilst keeping physical goals achievable and relevant make him a real pleasure to work with.”

Hannah McKeand – Polar Explorer

Zone 6 Concept Coaching

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