1-2-1 Sessions

Zone6 Concept - Assessment

Consulting with a professional is essential to improving your training and understanding what is required to reach your full potential. An interview with a Zone6 coaching expert will allow you to set targets and devise a plan to achieve your goals within specific timeframes and with our continued support.Here’s what you can expect from an interview with one of our specialists:

The Interview is Tailored to You- Can’t Make it in Person? We’re Happy to Chat Over the Phone

  • Your Specific Programme Analysis
  • Discussion About How we Structure Your Programme to Suit Your Schedule
  • Workout Design – Including Nutrition, Training style, and Intensity
  • Developing Your Training Mentality

We begin with a thorough personal evaluation designed to identify the athlete’s unique strengths, goals, motivations and any past or present physiological problems/injuries.

Full Body Mechanical Assessment

Zone6 Concept - Assessment

This is a full physical evaluation which will provide you, the athlete, with a blueprint to show your current physical condition and determine your strengths and weaknesses, allowing us to develop a training programme tailored to help you reach your peak performance and become the best triathlete you can possibly be. Here’s what you can expect from a Zone6 Concept Full Body Mechanical Assessment:

  • Functional Mobility, Flexibility, Strength Assessment and Muscle Testing
  • Detailed Written Summary of Your Assessment
  • Video of your Assessment, Allowing Analysis of Your Technique
  • Exercise Recommendations Provided
  • A Review Every 4 Months Minimum

Once the assessment is complete, we will design a custom plan to suit you and develop you as an athlete. Our plans including scientifically recommended techniques for stretching, breathing, strength building and more.

“It never gets easier, you just get faster”

– Greg Lemond –

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