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 Trevor Payne (MET)



Described by many as a truly motivating and inspiring triathlon coach, Trevor is an extensively experienced endurance coach and former elite level triathlete & marathon runner.

With 25 years’ experience and knowledge working with and coaching the best in the business, Trevor has been influential in helping many; youth, age group and pro athletes achieve their goals.

Trevor is a Manual Therapist and functional training specialist in Portsmouth (UK). His primary focus is working with athletes and general populations to increase athletic performance but also enhancing biomechanics. Trevor’s passion is focused on enhancing overall quality of life and pain-free performance for his clients.

What Others Are Saying.

“I have really enjoyed training with Trevor. His programmes are very varied but also include those all important repeated sessions showing tangible progression to keep motivation high. He has pushed me hard at times but this has given me the confidence to set higher goals for myself in the coming season. Trevor understands the time constraints and family commitments that come with being an age grouper. He is also happy to offer lots of practical advise and nutrition, race day preps and in particular in improving range of movement.”

Emma Gueterbock

Emma Gueterbock

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